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Wood Rot Repairs & Dry Rot Treatment

New England homes have their unique challenges. Long winters with heavy snow loads and wet springs along with an abundance of shade all contribute to this type of damage. As you would expect, these weather conditions produce moisture while hindering the woods ability to dry, naturally resulting in rot prone areas. Our rot repair projects can range from simply replacing siding or trim boards to the extreme of jacking up the house to replace a rotting sill plate.


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“Dave recently finished an extensive job at my home in Amherst, NH. A large amount of cedar siding and trim needed to be replaced because of water damage and rot. Dave took the time to explain to me why and how areas were showing rot and offered ways to remediate the situation. I appreciated the creative thinking and the forward looking attitude. Dave has many talents and skills to tackle many different kinds of jobs. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him for the next household project.”

- D. Johnson, Amherst